Accident Investigations

Traffic accidents result in a large number of insurance claims and litigation.  Most of these claims stem from accidents that do not result in death or in which criminal charges are filed.  Traditionally, most police departments classify these accidents as "civil matters" and do not conduct any meaningful investigation in addition to completing the required accident reports.  By virtue of our past law enforcement experience, the investigators at Garcia Investigations have handled virtually thousands of accidents. 

Most of the time, the information contained in the police accident reports is lacking additional information that would assist the insurance company or attorney in evaluating and assessing the case for settlement or litigation value.

We are prepared to handle traffic accident investigations to the extent of taking photographs, measurements, videos, talking to occupants of the vehicles, interviewing witnesses, and gathering any other relevant information to assist the insurance company or attorney with the case.  Since accident investigations need to be handled as quickly as possible after the fact because of evidentiary degradation, we are prepared to handle these requests in an expedited manner.  We strive to document the accident scene during the same time frame and under the same weather conditions.

In the event that the case goes to trial or requires an opinion proffered by an expert witness in the field, our investigative findings can be used by the retained expert in forming his/her opinion letters and/or testimony, thereby saving our clients the additional expense of having the basic investigation done by the expert witness.